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Or that, not long ago, multiple cases of lead poisoning resulted from contaminated flour?

Here are 8 things you may not know about lead and lead poisoning.

Alors que la plupart des critiques se sont jusqu’à maintenant intéressés à la forme et à la cinématographie dans l’oeuvre de Lars von Trier, cet essai se concentrera plutôt sur la thématique et les qualités philosophiques de son oeuvre.

The obvious exception is the touching and awkward love scene between the two young people in (2011) Justine can’t create bonds with the man she just married and has dispassionate sex on her wedding night with a random acquaintance; only the light from the threatening planet seems to awaken her passion.

My research interests focus on an integrated experimental approach to the investigation of neuroendocrine and psychological factors involved in risk for developing psychopathology, inspired by the tenets of the bio-psycho-social model.

An endeavour across the studies that I have been involved with relates to the establishment of a scientific framework, which accommodates at least three significant challenges: (a) integrating expertise in biological, psychological, and environmental academic disciplines, (b) formulating relevant hypotheses of causal interplay and applying relevant scientific methods to address such hypotheses, and (c) applying statistical models and tools to analyse and interpret multivariate and complex data.

However, Trier’s characters wear emotional detachment on their sleeves.

They are burdened by a lonely obsession that may lead them into the abyss.

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