Windows media player album art not updating

Unless you start out with the mindset to keep things organized, you will eventually end up with some cleaning up to do later on.The clean-up might be time-consuming if you need to update the ID3 tags or it might be simple like finding album art and adding it to your music files.Now after i find the art it does not go to the folder. NET Developer Portal of Choice am curious of this would make a difference: copy some of the troublesome albums to your internal hard drive, add that folder to your monitored folders in Windows Media Player, and try to update the media information against the internal hard drive.When i try and update media info i get up to between 5-10% then i get server busy, try to reconnect. I've read all the posts from others with the same problem but cannot find a fix. Weird things have been known to happen with WMP 11 and external hard drives.

We know what we are doing and have tried all of the solutions listed over the years. It almost acts like an authority issue ─ even though the parent folders, album folders, and song files have adequate (full) authority under the security tab for the item's properties (and if you ignore the fact that, in recent years, administrators do not really have complete access to all computer elements like they should as administrators ─ another HUGE glitch and issue for those of us trying to get our computers to run properly).

If you did not accept that default option during setup, we’ll need to turn the feature on first. On the Library tab, ensure that Retrieve additional information form the Internet is checked. Editing Metadata Now we’re ready to update some files.

Find a media file with incorrect details or cover art.

A few days a go i restored one of my computers and then updated to Windows Media Player 11... I have all my music on an external 500GB Western Digital which is about 300GB full.

Then I added a my music on the hard drive to my library. I added about 60 albums to my hard drive, manually added art by playing 1 song from each album then clicking find album art.

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