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He was on Johnathan Ross and there was this weird exercise machine that looks like mechanical bull and he joked that he had one but "mine has attachments" Hence, he is a bottom. I know someone personally who used to date/live with Ricky in CA. Ricky met this person thru a mutual friend and they became inseperable...dated for a long time on the dl.

My acquaintance is a total bottom, so I am guessing that means Ricky is Tops..was.

Now, I think every remaining soap has a gay storyline.

I was completely green, fresh out of college, and honestly, I was scared.’ Hansis, 32, earned three Daytime Emmy Award nominations for his portrayal of Luke, the son of one of the soap’s super couples.

The initial content for this list came from The Alt.polyamory FAQ Culture Supplement.

R3 is right, as Barrowman has joked about it in an interview. "I have said this before on here and I'll say it again...

Van Hansis, the actor who played the gay character of Luke Snyder on the CBS soap As the World Turns, has come out publicly in real life.

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The relationship had many ups and downs including Noah’s dad trying to kill Luke and leaving him temporarily paralyzed and Noah’s going blind for a time.Sort of like a female who just lies there and gets it, versus one who gets on top and rides it like she's on a bucking bronco. Welsey Snipe = Bottom David Geffen = Top Elijah Wood = Bottom Dominic Monaghan = Bottom Prince = Versatile-Weirdly so.Posted: , Author: Alugaf After the exile: essays in honour of Rex Mason."The History of the Tradition: Old Testament and Apocrypha".Mercer Commentary on the Bible: The Deuterocanonicals/Apocrypha. 10 Both characters have attempted freestyle rapping, including in several episodes featuring Hoodie Allen.

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