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She began to surf competitively in her early teens, and at age 15 won the girls' division of the United States Amateur Surfing Championship.

While competing, Surfing Magazine spotted her and asked her to model for their swimsuit issue, and thus a second career was born.

For a time he extols the virtues of the classic text before coming to a sudden halt. ” This frankly phrased query arrives seemingly from nowhere. I do my best to reassure him (“Not unless you are a cunt,” I reply, which gets a laugh) and the interview continues.

It’s asked partly in jest — another of the actor’s self-deprecating asides that scatter our conversation — and partly in an attempt to defuse any accusation of pretentiousness. Nevertheless, I am left with a sense that Alex O’Loughlin is a bit of a livewire.

Since then, she has appeared on the cover of over a dozen magazines, and has been named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People" by People magazine, and one of America's "10 Sexiest Athletes" by Esquire.

She has also been a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

A longtime surfer, he says that O’Loughlin is progressing “on a very advanced level.” Of course, there’s nothing like sports to bring out competition among cast mates. So he’s spending his time off getting his core energy up, stabilizing his back, and healing his shoulder.

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WATCH: Legends Carol Burnett and Frankie Vallie Get Married on ' Hawaii Five-0' The new woman in his life is the fun-loving, outdoorsy, carefree spirit, Lynn Downey (Sarah Carter), whom the Aussie star describes as "the perfect match for Mc Garrett." Now high praise!

Jones has done TV commercials for American Express, Capri Sun, Coca-Cola, Corona Beer, and VO5 shampoo.

Jones was also a consultant for the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch.

At 34 years of age, O’Loughlin has long been touted as “Australia’s next big thing” in Hollywood.

With his aquiline features and the kind of rugged off-screen persona that the Yanks seem to lap up in Aussie actors, it always seemed just a matter of time.

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