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Sure, it smacks of an overbearing nanny state by censoring media but every so often we're thankful that they're there.

Japanese game developers and publishers can basically do whatever the hell they want (aside from infringing on copyrights) and the following list is concrete proof that an inappropriate video game is only relative to the designer's wild imagination.

When relating the story to my friends, many would confirm that they have encountered a similar situation.

Some would posit that the server thought my husband was letting me practice my Japanese and was looking to him to confirm that’s actually what I wanted.

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I would in turn, translate for my husband in English, and then answer our server in Japanese, but any remaining questions would be directed once again to my husband.This language triangle would continue until all the ordering was completed.Of course, this didn’t happen every time, but enough for both my husband and I to take a game about four animals that transform into busty, scantily clad women, and then compete in a series of simple events designed to make them jiggle about as much as possible.It’s sort of like a game show, except it comes bundled with an incredible sense of shame that you won’t feel when watching Events include playing whack-a-mole while wearing a revealing swimsuit, jumping rope while wearing a revealing swimsuit, and smacking your ass against another girl’s ass while wearing a revealing swimsuit.

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