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tests your general knowledge of fonts by displaying 34 samples.Each answer is multiple choice — you click one of four answers, and then move on to the next question.When it comes to your romantic life, your propensity toward frank honesty and subsequent disregard for the more sentimental flirtations that come along with the dating game are your biggest weaknesses.You are by no means forward when it comes to the dating game.To start this all off, if you haven’t taken the Myers-Briggs types test, you should take it right here, right now. OK, now that we’re all on the same page here, HOW FREAKY ACCURATE IS IT? We can all agree that’s a bit too many words to read during your mid-day procrastination sesh.

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“A flirtatious evening of fonts and repartee” Which font would you date?To begin the dating game, you select from five archetypal fonts that have been given a personality type. If you see the two of them out in public — in a printed specimen — you know the two will have a harmonious relationship. It includes detail about the font’s history and its design.For example, Frutiger is described as: “I am a structural engineer who dreams in grid formation.” Select one of the five fonts, then choose from four qualities that best represent your dating strategy, such as “Embrace the Other” or “Rely on Family.” Then, in a something akin to speed dating, your typeface can go out with one of three fonts. Interactive elements point out design characteristics of the fonts.That’s the premise of Type Connection, a matchmaking game for fonts.Designed by Aura Seltzer as an MFA thesis project, Type Connection is an amusing way to learn how to pair typefaces.

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    I find people seek romantic relationships instead of friendships to avoid that transitory feeling, and also to feel emotionally safer.