Timeout dating online top 10 questions to ask a girl before dating

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Twenty-seven percent of readers voted it the most "dateable," followed by 8.7 percent for American and about 8 percent each for Irish and Australian.

I live in southern California where the days are fast-paced and the focus tends to be on bigger, better and more of it.

In my area, the weekdays are ridiculous and the weekends are worse. There are soccer games and birthday parties to attend, cars to wash, shopping to be done and homework to catch up on. By the time we get to the bottom of the list, it’s late Sunday night and we don’t even have time to breathe before starting all over again on Monday morning. In all of this craziness, I find that I can lose track of what is really important: rest.

However, as well as the bigger headlines, I thought I might share a couple of exclusive insights I got, from crunching all the data.

And whilst it was lovely to see so many people not bothered by profession, and saying things like ‘I don’t mind, as long as he/she is doing something they love’, in almost every city some women answered with ‘good money’ or ‘earns more than me.’ Some of the funniest data came from professions people didn’t want to date. 2) It’s interesting that 73% of Parisians check people out online ahead of a date, and yet it was the city where least people met online.

Whilst the question was asking about an ideal date, LOTS of respondents focussed on what they DON’T want … When I called him up on this, he pointed at his answer to ‘An awkward goodbye’. Paris was the only city where the majority of meet ups were said to happen in real life! and then go home to Facebook stalk the men they meet!

The feedback was solicited from 11,000 people, mostly from major international cities where the magazine publishes a local edition.

Participants also voted Paris and Melbourne as the top two cities for dating (83 percent and 81 percent, respectively).

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