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Classic European cities can conjure images of strong castles and historic ramparts.

En-route you will also travel through breathtaking countryside, often alongside a river or canal.From narrow cobblestone streets lining winding canals to wide avenues shaded by emerald trees, your hand tailored London, Amsterdam, and Paris tour will take you to these capitals, each of which expanded their culture across the globe and collected countless wonders in return.(Day 1): London – Arrive in the Opulent Capital City of England (Day 2): London – Explore the City’s Rich History Encircling the River Thames (Day 3): London – Discover the City and the Charm in the Nearby Countryside (Day 4): London – Full Day Tour of the Enchanting City of Cambridge or Oxford (Day 5): Amsterdam – Transfer by High Speed Train to Amsterdam (Day 6): Amsterdam – Full Day Tour of the Exciting History Around Amsterdam (Day 7): Amsterdam – Enjoy the City at your Leisure and a Historical Evening Tour (Day 8): Amsterdam – Traverse the City and its Surrounding Countryside at Leisure (Day 9): Paris – Journey to the Famous French City of Paris (Day 10): Paris – Tour the City at Your Own Pace and Enjoy an Evening River Cruise (Day 11): Paris – Indulge in the Boutique and Gourmet Delights of Paris (Day 12): Paris – Full Day Excursion to the Remarkable Palace of Versailles (Day 13): Paris – Depart for Home The allure of Europe arises from the rich history and enchanting artistry capturing the essence of the human spirit.Het Engels werd ook gebruikt in officiële stukken en in het onderwijs.Kiezen voor het Engels was dus logisch, ook al gebeurde dat niet officieel.” Nicoline van der Sijs: “De mythe van het Nederlands als officiële taal van de VS is misschien gevoed door het feit dat in 1788 de Amerikaanse grondwet in het Nederlands was vertaald.

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