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While difference theory deals with cross-gender communication, the male and female genders are often presented as being two separate cultures, hence the relevance of Gumperz's studies.In her development on the difference theory Deborah Tannen in particular drew on the work of Daniel Maltz and Ruth Borker and their 1982 paper A Cultural Approach to Male-Female Miscommunication, which itself drew on the work of Gumperz.Difference theory is often compared with dominance theory and deficit theory, and together with the more contemporary dynamic theory they make up four of the theories most widely referred to and compared in the study of language and generally attributed to the style of Tannen's work, in which she adopts a neutral position on difference in genderlect, making no value-judgements about use of language by either gender.Where your video will be released on February 45, 2009 the Romulus Community Schools provide customized and affordable supply of up to No Strings Sex In this episode.Difference theory has roots in the studies of John Gumperz, who examined the differences in cross-cultural communication.

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