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¶ 1 Sinor Manufacturing, Inc., n/k/a Freightliner Specialty Vehicles, Inc. (collectively “Appellants”) appeal from the judgment entered against them and in favor of various plaintiffs on their claims of strict product liability and infliction of emotional distress.¶ 2 Plaintiffs commenced this suit against Appellants asserting that they were liable as the successor companies to the original company that manufactured the defective product.

Finally, Appellants contend that the trial court erred in failing to bifurcate the trial into two separate proceedings on liability and damages. Appellants, however, do not cite any binding or persuasive authority that supports the proposition that a successor must manufacture the identical product of the predecessor in order to be found liable under the product line exception.¶ 29 In their brief, Appellants reference case law from this Commonwealth that has stated, described or discussed, in general, the product-line exception. In particular, Appellants stress certain words in these decisions to suggest that a successor must continue to manufacture the identical product as the predecessor. We find that Appellants' emphasis on grammatical formation is an exercise in linguistics and, at best, rests upon mere dicta. continued to manufacture “essentially the same manufacturing operation” as Warren-Teed Products Company. This Court, accordingly, affirmed the trial court's entry of summary judgment in favor of Warren-Teed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ¶ 30 Unlike the plaintiffs in Burnside, the Plaintiffs in this case submitted evidence sufficient to create a genuine issue of material fact as to whether Appellants undertook “essentially the same manufacturing operation” as TBC.

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A photo of David and Erin Schmidt with their two children, Lucy and Oscar, might well pass for an updated version of "American Gothic," but the backstory is hardly prosaic, challenging as it does standard ideas about family.

Stumble into one of their Christmas celebrations, for example, and it might take a notepad and a flow chart to figure out all of the associations of those engaging in the storytelling, gingerbread house construction, and games. Their cases were open adoptions and they come from different birth parents.

It will be the easiest and best decision you make for your wedding!

I researched dozens of photographers and after meeting with Erin, we booked her on the spot.

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