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This might seem obvious, but how many times have you heard about a friend who’s ended a relationship only to change their mind and rekindle it a few weeks later?

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The first six floors don't have disconnects in the condo panels.

One is to be allowed and given six inches of air between them and anyone else in order to avoid uncomfortable contact or awkwardness due to close proximity or the appearance of being cold with too much distance.

John remained respectful of Mary's six inches of personal space, and he was later rewarded for his consideration and careful adherence to the six inch rule.

Does the main breaker need to be on the exterior of the building to be code compliant with more than 6 breakers in the sub panel on second floor of building? Pretty sure the court system and the State of California considers them authorities, too, so I'm not going to argue with them. My wise old grandmother taught me to consult the authorities when necessary, and since there is no licensing for home inspectors in California, I have to consider LICENSED electricians in my neck of the woods as the authority.

Sub does not need it is there is a main that has one. Condos have subs with lots of breakers but then one main breaker at the basement meter around here which is fine.

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