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He reportedly maintained his distance from Karena and even refused to take photographs with the actress when approached.

A source alleged that Raymond's father, Lam Kwok-Wah, is a businessman who is used to dealing with flattery, and as a result, was unmoved by Karena's charm.

Earlier tabloid reports also claimed that the businessman disapproves of his son splurging millions on Karena Ng – reportedly spending more than HKD 10 million on the actress on a luxurious apartment, branded bags and overseas holidays, even though they had only been dating for six months. Lam said that Karena is not a simple girl but he refrained himself from expressing his opinions to avoid from hurting Raymond."Meanwhile, when asked if she got along with Raymond's parents at the graduation ceremony, Karena enthusiastically answered, "They are very nice!

"Denying that she had been spending her boyfriend's money, Karena said, "I have been working very hard and nobody notices it.

He is contracted to the television station TVB and EEG’s He is known for acting on TVB drama. There is 14 year gap between them, but their relationships seem to be good, become stronger day by day. But after he met with Karena Ng, he changed his mind.

Raymond Lam (born December 8, 1979) is a Hong Kong actor and singer. Raymond Lam has been dating with Karema Ng since 2012. So it seemed he didn’t want to marry yet, wanted to enjoy dating with girlfriend.

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(ahmike.com) However, Raymond already indicated he won't announce his marriage plans to the public.Raymond seems like he's under the spell of Karena and often buys designer products for her.In recent days, the two are rumored to be getting married soon.According to a magazine report toady, Raymond and Karena were seen on a date shopping for kitchen appliances together.In only 15 minutes, they bought a 2-door refrigerator worth 0k and also a k oven. The reporter at the scene asked if Raymond has proposed to Karena, the two smiled without saying a word.

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