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: PCan imagine Twilight going behind Anon's back with her friends to make a secret group with her friends to get him together.Or it could be horrible if a certain princess of magic go yandere on him. Some underlying systems have been rewritten to make animation and content creation easier.Dashie, RD, Dash, Speedy, Rainbow Crash, Rainbow Wobble, Rainbow "Danger" Dash, Rainbow "Professionalism" Dash, Zapp, Captain Awesome, Dynamic Dash, Forthright Filly, Reading Rainboom, Care Mare, Rainbow Fash, Rainbows "The Best Flyer There Ever Was" Dash, Rainbows, Daring Dash, The Dashinator, Blue Begonia, Miss Dash 'Bow, Dashinator, Rainbow Flash, The Dash, Rainbow Smash, Rd (The Periodic Table of My Little Pony) Lin Peiling (Chinese for Taiwan)Fan Churong (Chinese for China mainland)Zuzana Hykyšová (Czech)René Slováčková (Czech, demo version)Annevig Schelde Ebbe (Danish)Karina Mertens (Dutch)Katja Sirkiä (Finnish)Melanie Dambermont (European French)Giuliana Jakobeit (German, seasons 1-3, Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks)Tanja Schmitz (German, season 4)Zita Gruber (Hungarian)Federica Valenti (Italian)Izumi Kitta (Japanese)Cho Hyun-jeong (Korean)Siri Nilsen (Norwegian)Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk (Polish)Sílvia Suzy (Brazilian Portuguese)Andressa Andreatto (Brazilian Portuguese, demo; first line in S2E8)Raquel Marinho (Brazilian Portuguese, toy)Sandra de Castro (European Portuguese)Carina Chereji (Romanian)Raluca Botez (Romanian, Equestria Girls)Yelena Chebaturkina (Russian, seasons 1-4, Equestria Girls, and Rainbow Rocks)Lina Ivanova (Russian, season 5)Aleksandra Širkić (Serbian, Minimax)Jelena Petrović (Serbian, Mini)Eva Ordeig (European Spanish)Analiz Sánchez (Latin American Spanish, TV version)Mariana Ortiz (Latin American Spanish, one quote in S1E9)Maggie Vera (Latin American Spanish, S1E3 (DVD and demo version) and promos)Frida Sandén (Swedish, demo version)Jill Wrethagen (Swedish, TV/retail version)Yulia Perenchuk (Ukrainian, seasons 1-3) Anastasia Zinovenko (Ukrainian, seasons 4-6, Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks) Tina Hänsch (German)Renata Bertolas (Italian, seasons 1-3)Paola Della Pasqua (Italian, Find A Pet Song)Mônica Toniolo (Brazilian Portuguese, season 1)Andressa Andreatto (Brazilian Portuguese, season 2)Sívilia Suzy (Brazilian Portuguese, season 3)Corina Sabbas (Brazilian Portuguese, season 4)Veridiana Benassi (Brazilian Portuguese)Raquel Marinho (Brazilian Portuguese, toy)Carina Marin (Romanian, S1E11)Anca Sigmirean (Romanian, S4E7)Ana Milenković (Serbian, Mini)Anneli Heed (Swedish) Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony and one of the main characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. One of the Mane 6, it seems, would be the best choice. Why dating one pony when you can date any of your favorite pony characters like more than one? Perhaps if you want to make a character that is cold hearted, then read my story called Cold Hearted and use it as a reference point for future cold hearted characters or for this story's Anon's personality.^..^Though could see her asking for advice after, wouldn't be surprised if any of the remaining pones see a certain anon dating her friends.

(minor update to v1.05)Android version released: Pony Petting Simulator: Applejack for Android Play around with Applejack in this game.

pic.twitter.com/FZvlq T1x6Y" and Jim Miller answered "Npt[sic] really, but it's open to interpretation." Rainbow Dash has a flashback in Games Ponies Play to an event in Cloudsdale where she is a young filly without a cutie mark.

She is accompanied by Rainbow Blaze, a stallion who has similar rainbow-colored mane and tail as her and a similar blue coat, with a rainbow-colored cutie mark.

I may update to fix bugs, and I may add more content in the future. October 1st, 2014It took me a while to get back to it, but I've started working on this again. No guarantees on a release date, but if it takes long enough I might update this one with intermediate versions. For you see, people have been adding way too many dislikes on them and I so want it to stop.

This is, at least for now, the finished version of my game. I also added a thicker neck and her much-needed freckles. I really hate to bother you with this (just like I've bothered everyone else with this), but my You Tube channel could use more likes on the videos.

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