Purpose of dating is marriage

Several months ago I was invited by the Sichuan University of Finance and Economics and the Sichuan University of Nationalities to conduct a seminar on “Setting Boundaries in Dating”.The purpose of the seminar was to provide an opportunity for dialog and reflection with the participants, who are expected to get married within the next decade, and to help ensure that when that time comes they would use their utmost wisdom in making the most important decision of their lives.Dating should be something that is full of joy and happiness.When you know the legitimate purpose of dating, you can enjoy your dating experience.One of the basic reasons for dating is social interaction.Wholesome dating experiences can prepare you for a happy, mature, and long lasting marriage.This can only be accomplished in actual situations with the opposite sex.

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The relationship one has with God takes precedence over any relationship with any other human being.And then it is on to the next chapter in the relationship journey.... I will only date a man that I think is long term relationship or marriage material. Not sweating the small stuff and having a good sense of humour is key. And I do think it a good idea to be in at least one long term serious relationship before getting married.And I don't mind being single for long periods of time if I don't meet up with a man that I am attracted to AND think is relationship material. As is having similar personal hygiene habits (non-smoking is included in this), partying styles, morals and long term life goals etc...^^^ This is me. I have no regrets about my romantic past and with each failed relationship, I learned how to sort out my priorities and do it better.We would like to emphasize eight specific reasons why dating can be a positive experience in your life to help you navigate the waters of maturity and maybe, some day, even marriage. This is an end in itself because couples want to relax and experience a form of entertainment together.In other words, dating establishes social confidence, helps people learn social skills like manners, consideration for others, cooperation, and conversation.

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