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(Quran, )One may ask, I think Islam is a good religion, but if I were to convert to Islam, my family, friends, and other people would persecute me and make fun of me.So if I do not convert to Islam, will I enter Paradise and be saved from Hellfire? All the blessings and good things we have are from Him.Like Christians, Muslims believe that the present life is only a trial preparation for the next realm of existence.This life is a test for each individual for the life after death.The BBC's Asian Network has provoked uproar by asking its Twitter followers 'what is the right punishment for blasphemy? instead punish those who scare children into believing they'll burn in hell.'Asia Network's video came after Pakistan asked Facebook to help it crack down on 'blasphemous content' as Pakistanis 'badmouthed' Islam online.'A video posted on its account shows Muslim activist Shazia Awan asking followers to get in touch and offer their opinions on how blasphemy should be dealt with. 'Another wrote: 'If today @BBC talking about punishments for #blasphemy in Britain with 6% of population #Muslim what's our future in 30 years? Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif earlier this week described blasphemy as an 'unpardonable offence'.Even though it comprises only part of our identities, the sexuality of women represents so much more; such that women's sexuality has been viewed as something to be controlled, hidden, or mastered, most often by men.

Actually, the main purpose of our creation is to worship God alone and to obey Him, as God has said in the Holy Quran (). and with Allah's name prayed over it." On the exact same day as the first Passover (14th of Nissan), Jesus/Yeshua was slaughtered as a korban (sacrificial) at the exact same time that the sacrificial lamb was to be killed. One day, desperate and on the verge of committing suicide Kamal God's glory filled his room.It is His most Holy blood that delivered us from our own sins and eternal death and separation from God. Kamal heard a voice call his name and saw a vision of Issa/Jesus/Christ (Yahweh) who spoke with him.Her assumption that blasphemy - which is still punishable by death in some Muslim countries - should also be punished in Britain shocked many viewers. Since 1990, 62 people accused of blasphemy in Pakistan have been murdered before their trials ended.Paul Joseph fumed: 'There should be no punishment for 'blasphemy'. Facebook said it viewed government requests with care keeping in mind 'the goal of protecting the privacy and rights of our users.'We disclose information about accounts solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law.

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