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Adding the Helper Feature Family history consultants will now be able to have online access to the Family Search account of the individual they are helping.This access feature allows consultants to login to a user’s account and work with the user directly, helping them with their questions about Family Tree.This feature is available only for those who have an active Family Search account.Delete and Restore Individual Users will be able to delete an individual and then restore them back to the Family Tree again if a user finds that they have accidently removed someone they shouldn’t have.Each ancestry project becomes its own private and secure website that can be loaded with photos, charts, reports, maps, relationships, events and stories.Just add names of your relatives & ancestors or import a file and instantly create your free family tree.

Invite family and relatives to view or update your family tree website.

When Software Mac Kiev first announced that they had purchased Family Tree Maker (FTM) from Ancestry.com, they stated in an online FAQ that owners of FTM 2014 and FTM 3 would receive free updates (Fig 1).

It seemed to me that the FAQ implied that the updates would come out the same time as the new versions were for sale on their store.

Detailed instructions will be available to show users how this task is done.

Request Individual Ordinances Users will be able to request ordinances for an individual directly from their personal page rather than from the family grouping on main tree page.

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