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In the first couple years of my healing process I kept saying stuff like “well in all fairness to my mother, I was not the perfect daughter because of…. Just like I was trained to do; I was trained to look at me, always to look at me and my faults and to take the blame.

Looking at my faults is not such a bad thing, but the lack of mutuality in our relationship is a ridiculous thing.

On Thursday, he and the Stoltzfus parents appeared separately in court ahead of Kaplan's scheduled May 30 trial.

Daniel Stoltzfus pleaded no contest before Judge Jeffrey Finley in Doylestown to a charge of child endangerment.

In addition to his oldest daughter, then 14, Daniel Stoltzfus also "gave" his wife and two younger daughters to Lee Kaplan, the Feasterville man to whose home he sent a total of nine daughters to live, according to testimony in Bucks County Court on Thursday.

Kaplan said it was the "will of God" that he strengthen the Stoltzfus bloodline by fathering children with them, according to prosecutors' presentation.

She met a man on in 2013 although the relationship was "not close"and was short lived, he said.

This is the brainwashing; this is what happened that caused me to try harder with her and to try so hard to ‘understand her.’ I tried to reassure her, to soothe her and to be the daughter she always wanted.His wife, Savilla, pleaded guilty to the same charge.Testimony at the proceedings for each of the three defendants revealed fresh details of a case that has drawn national attention.But in January last year, she took a flight to London without telling her family and checked into the Lily Hotel near Earls Court in west London with Farah.While there, she texted the baby's father and contacted a former colleague who visited and promised to stay in touch.

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