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However it's all perfectly innocent as Holly chats on behalf of her friends, to help them find love.

The presenter has been happily married to husband Dan Baldwin, with whom she has three children, for nine years.

Picker Suzanne wants to know what Paddy's best feature is, and his mother and sister answer (it is called , after all).

The format of the show is perfect for 35-year-old Holly, who considers herself to be a bit of a matchmaker. When asked whether she would have ever used Tinder if it had been around before she met Dan, the mother-of-three replied: "I reckon I probably would have done.By the time she met his parents, she knew all his naughty secrets. ”Asked how she felt about the show’s clash with Strictly, she added: “If you’re on Saturday night primetime you’re always going to be up against something big.”___________________________________________ The telly favourite says if she were single and looking for a fella, she would be terrified about using mobile phone apps like Tinder and Plenty Of Fish to find a man. ”___________________________________________ Mum-of-three Holly is still shocked that people call her “a national treasure”. Well the point of the show is the 'picker' can't see her potential match, so they ask questions about their personality and appearance.And it’s no shocker that she is being dubbed ‘the new Cilla’. Cilla was amazing, a brilliant lady.” Holly did not meet her husband Dan’s parents for ages, she has revealed.The pair kept their romance under wraps for six months as they worked together and wanted to keep things quiet. ”___________________________________________ She giggled: “I’m going to warm the nation up for Simon, what a job!

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