Heidi montag and spencer pratt dating

Related: Lauren Says That Marriage Has Changed Her For The Better Now, we're learning more about exactly what we saw on MTV this week, and thanks to an exclusive interview Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt just gave , it turns out that a LOT of people were apparently left in the dark! She quit thinking they were going to cancel the show. I don't think either of us hold any negative feelings and we both appreciate the times that we were friends… The times that I talked to her were times that I called her, I reached out.

Spencer didn't mince words about the fact that he, Heidi, Audrina Patridge, and Brody Jenner weren't welcome with Lauren in the special ep, telling reporters: "She doesn't want to share any limelight with anybody else. She quit thinking she was going to get everybody off TV. I would be open to hanging out with her or just getting together and catching up, but I just think for her it is not a possibility.

"I don't have the energy to hate people," Pratt says.

' cancellation in 2010 their "personal 9/11." That's just vintage Pratt.

Here's the best part: If you go on Apple i Tunes, Heidi and I are on the friggin' cover of this 'special'. And parties for The Hills premieres and stuff, we weren't allowed to be in the same room with her. She was the narrator and she really held all the cards, or most of them.

They revealed they were delighted to leave the CBB house and 'nasty' twins Jedward behind.Montag, 29, and Pratt, 32, have been living in Pratt's parents' rental property for the last six years so that they don't have to pay rent."This is my parents' rental house that we are property managers of," Pratt tells ET's Ashley Crossan, giving a tour of the home in Santa Barbara, California. Like, when you hold your i Phone down and you wait until the Apple thing comes back on?"If you want a flashy lifestyle, do not try to be a reality star -- unless you're a Kardashian or a Jenner, then you can pull it off," he admits. "So then it starts becoming, just, yelling at yourself, like, 'ahhhhhhh.'" Pratt now has some perspective on his villainous role on , though he also stresses that Speidi's over-the-top antics is what kept the show running for more than one season.The couple definitely had a rough time after ended in 2010. "You need to make very controversial television to stay on air, at the cost of my identity," Pratt says.

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