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The film consists of two stories told in sequence, each about a lovesick Hong Kong policeman mulling over his relationship with a woman.

The lyrics talk about rejecting material pleasures and only accepting the best for oneself; subtexts are employed throughout the song.Voyeurs hoping to have a peek at sunworshippers on Wild Pear Beach will need a "good pair of binoculars", according to the naturist website.They said: "The beach is very popular with naturists, however there are no signs to indicate that the presence of naturists, so you do occasionally find people arriving on the beach unaware - they usually either take their clothes off or leave promptly."The beach is overlooked from the coastal path above, but at a great distance - anyone wishing to spy on the beachgoers will need very high-powered binoculars to see anything."Britain is set to bake for the next eight weeks, according to some weather experts, so even the hardy northern shores may see some naturists.The Dorset beach is in the middle mile of a three-mile long sandy beach, according to the website, that is backed by sheltering sand dunes and heather.Most of the content on the site was generated by users, and Studland has been named the sixth best beach in the country. It is peaceful on quieter days and I love to sit, read and soak up the rays."Many of the sites have hilarious names, like Slapton Sands and Wild Pear Beach - both in Devon.

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