Do dating agency keep records of dates

For example, if an individual has moved house from Chester to Wilmslow, a record showing that he currently lives in Chester is obviously inaccurate.But a record showing that he once lived in Chester remains accurate, even though he no longer lives there.We know that clients want their contact details kept private so rather than simply passing out phone numbers to other members, we go so far as to arrange every introduction.Each member has our Emergency contact number where a staff member is always available to take a call around the time your date is arranged just in case.Ensuring the accuracy of personal data will assist you in complying with this requirement as well.

It provides guidance on data protection and best practice for archiving trade documents.

Intro Matchmaking is a fully registered, 100% Irish owned dating agency.

We have offices that you can visit and a team of 5 staff working on matching suitable couples.

Although this principle sounds straightforward, the law recognises that it may not be practical to double-check the accuracy of every item of personal data you receive.

So the Act makes special provision about the accuracy of information that individuals provide about themselves, or that is obtained from third parties.

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