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I have googled the problem and saw a lot about "opening ports".I followed the instructions on one site which had me create a static IP address and forward the u Torrent port within the Linksys router site.Just trying to run a torrent, using only DHT but it's taking forever..stuck at "Waiting to log in" for ages, then ages later, I have 2 nodes but no seeds\peers.If I add a tracker, then DHT starts working straight away, but I have not had to do this before. By my understanding of it, the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) is a list of peers/seeders IP addresses which are held (and shared) by each peer.Problem is, if you don't have a tracker to advise you where to find peers, then you're not going to find those first few peers to start the whole process off.Trying to go tracker-free may not be an advantage regarding 'privacy', as DHT involves others collecting and sharing your IP address, and is probably an even easier way for the authorities to determine who is downloading what...by posing as peers they get the info sent straight to them for free, without needing to demand the info from the uncooperative owners of the tracker, hire lawyers etc...

What I do in libtorrent is to issue a request to the node that was pinged least recently (or has never been pinged at all).

I basically know nothing about wireless, networks, or ports and am completely new to torrent use, so if anyone is able to help me I'd really appreciate it, and I'll apologize in advance if I don't understand something.

Thank you, Keith Everything you have done sounds right.

When I tested it in the u Torrent port test thing, it indicated that the port was successfully opened.

I also made sure to add u Torrent to the exceptions list in Windows Firewall. I am using a laptop with a wireless connection from a Linksys router.

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