Dating horsehair furniture dating rugby men

Smith needed sofas for the Obama Oval Office, he turned to Steven Jonas, the president of an upholstery and curtains firm dating from the 1920s.

It had been put there in 1925 when the family bought the property, and it was stuffed with horsehair. There was no firm cutoff for horsehair, particularly since it could be washed (hopefully) and reused.We recreated the chair's shape and feel for a new generation. On the left side, a leather top is hand-stitched directly to the frame, while the ottoman on the right shows a traditionally upholstered pad topped with vegetable-tanned leather.These concepts could be fashioned into coffee tables, side tables, ottomans or benches.Horsehair is desirable for paint brushes because of its smooth lay and ability to hold a large amount of paint acting as a reservoir and allowing the painter to stop less frequently.However, the first documented use was from the 9th century in Switzerland where the Swiss used it for the plans of St. The plans, a blueprint for a monastic compound in medieval times, are a national preserved treasure to the Swiss that were said to have been woven with horsehair.) and as covering fabric for furniture.

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