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He was a devoutly religious man who encouraged the early settlers to holy living. 3 Caswell M a d ison Dunn1815-........................ He was most instrumental in organizing the Baptist Church of Piscataway in 1689. In 1670 he married Elizabeth the daughter of Francis Drake who had just settled in Piscataway. They had nine children who played a conspicuous role in Piscataway. PIONEER SETTLERS OF PISCATAWAY The first grant to new settlers was made by Governor Carteret on December11, 1666 to DA N I E L PIERCE, JOHN PIKE and seven associates from Newbury, Massachusetts to whom he transferred t he tract from the Raritan River to the Rahway River for the price of 80 pounds: it comprised over 100 square miles and had ill-defined western borders. Philosophically and theologically, it indicates something, e.g., the universe, that was created from outside of time.Their great-great granddaughter, Elizabeth Dunn, (webmaster's 2nd great grandmother ) married Joseph Jackson Burson of Wilcox county, Alabama. Notes for HUGH O'DUNN: as per research of Billie Jean Gilmore HISTORY OFPISCATAWAY TOWNSHIP1666-1976 WALTER C. O'DUNN was born 1642 in Tipperary, Ireland, and died November 16, 1694 in Piscataway, N. He married CATHERINE ELIZABETH DRAKE 1670 in Piscataway, N. MEULY1976 DUNN FAMILY-- HUGH DUNN was prominent in Piscataqua where he was a landowner in 1663 .

The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, 1987.] and other “conceptual metaphor” theorists have argued that our use and understanding of figurative language is mediated by unconscious metaphoric correspondences that structure human concepts.ABSTRACT: This paper presents Gesture Chords, a mapping strategy for chord selection in freehand gestural instruments.The strategy maps chord variations to a series of hand postures using the concepts of iconicity and conceptual metaphor, influenced by their use in American Sign Language (ASL), to encode meaning in gestural signs.Thomson Reuters Checkpoint is the industry leader providing intelligent information to tax and accounting professionals — including expert research, guidance, technology, tools, learning and news.With our respected Quickfinder, PPC®, RIA®, WG&L®, Boskage and EBIA content, Checkpoint is relied on by thousands of professionals to understand complex information, make informed decisions and use knowledge more efficiently.

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