Dating belgium browning

Each year is listed with ending serial numbers for each caliber.

The information clearly explains FN production and warehousing habits and the difference between in warehouse dates as well as shipping dates.

Still have the two with the in the trigger guard "suicide safeties". So I'm already familiar with the recoil spring and friction ring settings.

Of course these are basically the same as the Browning Auto 5, but I never actually had an Auto 5 until now.

The purpose of this book is not only to introduce the many models and details of the Auto-5 ( A-5 ), but also to give the collector the first and only accurate method in dating a specific Auto-5 ( A-5 ) shotgun.1-The History of FN, (Fabrique Nationale): A thorough and extensive chapter on the history of Fabrique Nationale d Armes de Guerre, the company that produced the Auto-5 ( A-5 ) and many other Browning firearms.

What I first look for are the marks indicating country of origin.

The US never had a proof house, of course, so you have to rely on maker's names--which may well be deceptive versions of famous makers (Purdie for Purdey, for example)--and addresses (sometimes deceptive, as well).

Included is the evolution of the Auto-5 ( A-5 ) and also includes photography of all the remaining Auto-5 ( A-5 ) prototypes that are housed at the Browning museum in Ogden Utah.4- The initial order of 10,000: A detailed analysis of the first order that John Moses Browning ordered with FN in 1903 and how many actually were shipped to the United States.

The chapter includes details on the first produced Auto-5 (No.1) as well as details on the markings and variations of the first 500 guns produced.5- Serial Numbers: The first an only available accurate published record of serial numbers for all Auto-5 guns in all gauges.

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