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Presenting the team's results at a Society for American Archaeology meeting in Sacramento, California, yesterday, he said the pots clearly came from the era circa 350BC, the period when Maya ceramics started to adopt a red colour.A bone sample was sent to a laboratory for radiocarbon dating where scientists confirmed it to be the same age.If you are looking for a sincere soul mate who is fun yet responsible, consider a Guatemalan bride. As a first and second language, Spanish is spoken by 93% of the population.Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala, is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The predominant religion in Guatemala is Roman Catholicism, which can be mixed with ancient Mayan beliefs and practices.Found in a tomb underneath a wealthy home in Holmul in north-eastern Guatemala, the skeleton is thought to have been a man in his fifties who was in reasonably good health at the time of his death.Alongside it at the Maya site of K'o were seven ceramic vessels, jars and plates - and the incense burner.'We have older Maya burials, but don't have ones with grave goods that include a royal symbol,' John Tomasic, of the University of Kansas, told USA Today.'We excavated the floor of the building and just dug down until we found a lid.'Under the lid archaeologists discovered a tunnel with a width of about 16 inches that was 'just wide enough for a human body'.Mastering an understanding of local social etiquette will greatly enhance your trip.

It’s actually very common for locals, even senior officials, to say “a sus órdenes” (literally “at your orders”) as they help you out.

This, in turn, led into a storage chamber called a 'chultan' where the burial had taken place.'We crawled in and shined a light and saw the body,' Mr Tomasic said.'I think it is fair to say what we have found is the oldest known burial of a Maya ruler.

And we have found the earliest depiction of a jester god headdress.' Archaeologist Michael Callaghan, of the University of Texas, analysed the seven ceramic items.

Archaeologists have found the oldest known tomb of an ancient Mayan ruler dating back to 350BC.

A buried incense burner engraved with the image of a 'Jester god', a symbol of royalty among the Mayans, was discovered lying next to the skeleton, confirming the remains belonged to royalty.

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