Dads and sons dating

We use cookies to give you the best experience of our site.By using this site or by dismissing this banner you are consenting to their use.This wasn't a simple conversation mind you, it was an interview. This is a young man we know, from a good family, who has a real heart for the things of God, but still, this is our little girl that he will be spending an evening with. I so appreciate the fact that any young man who wants to spend time with father.No, he was not conducting an interview for a job ... Yes, it's an event at her school and fully chaperoned, but that letting go thing is so, so . These young men will be called up by him to a higher standard and held accountable.You may be wondering, "Is having to sit down and go through the interview fair to the young man? She said she was glad it happened and that her son benefited from the interview .This young man even said to my husband (more than once) that he thought it was cool that he cared that much about his daughter and that he was glad they talked.Of course, my mother would be there when I fell down or hurt myself. I remember she would struggle to even let me go outside to play, afraid that I would get too dirty or hurt myself. She would come home, tired from working all day, and cook dinner and then clean up. As I grew older, things that were important to me were not interesting to my father and he routinely ignored me.Every dad dreams of having a son, a boy to walk in his footsteps. A father’s job is to prepare his son for manhood but also to give him enough space to find himself (and we all know little boys like to do that).

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It is certainly important for fathers to connect with their daughters.Having a daughter with those attitudes and directions is worth a lot to a father.But in addition to the lifelong positives of a good father-daughter relationship, nurturing that kind of relationship can be a real opportunity for a father in the here and now. The more time you spend with her earlier, the easier it will be to continue building the relationship later. While it is great when a dad teaches his daughter to ride a bike or to read or do chores, often the best things he can teach her are "guy things." Skills like fixing a car, fishing, golfing, or home repairs will serve a girl just as well as a boy and will give her confidence that she can tackle anything. In my experience, the girls tend to vocalize more than the boys do growing up.Last night was one of those nights where my hubby proved to be my hero yet again.He spent about 30 minutes having a very important conversation with a young man we know. (Heavy sigh.) We knew this day would get here, and though my husband was prepared to just lock her in the closet until she turned 22, we recognize that part of our responsibility while she's still under our roof is to help her navigate appropriate relationships, especially dating relationships.

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