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There is a picture already there - plus, demanding a photo is illegal - that will not protect me in any way. They do not have live persons that monitor the systems of their site, everything is fully automated.I am very angry with Facebook for this illegal invasion of my privacy. Tried to notify Facebook customer service but just get some broken English auto reply probably created for some Indian child get 5 cents an hour. If you need to speak with anyone directly, you will never make it to a live person. WABASH COLLEGE invites applications for the position of Audio Visual Technician. Responsibilities: Manufacture and fabricate finished metal products...

Other areas I like to explore are cooking and poetry writing! I'm all those things, I'm not the person that has Baby Mama Drama. I am a respectful brother, who highly endures the lady that I'm 100% involed with.

Moreover, seeking ID's and other confidential information is illegal for Facebook.

It is a free service, and not one that requires credit checks or ID checks.

Several times they disabled me claiming that I was blocked for going too fast/posting too fast. I file a complaint with the Attorney General and BBB.

They have repeatedly made me submit my driver license but in the meantime disabled my account and I had been closed out for as much as 2 months at a time while FB take their sweet ass time to verify. There has to be a way to get a lawsuit going, a class act lawsuit because the owners of FB believe that they are infallible and can do whatever the hell they want regardless of who they rollover or hurt and inconvenience. I believe it's because I disagree with their liberal views. However, I have been called nasty names and had nasty memes attached to my posts. I will be seeking legal action and open to all members locked out and/or deprived of their personal contents like to join.

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