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Before long, the friendly Green was discussing “Anyone Else But You”, getting hung up on Johnny Depp for one evening, and, of course, being thanked by French boys for writing “such impersonal music”. Well first let me say that I’m actually a fan of the solo records, all the way back to one fateful night when I saw the video for “Jessica” playing on MTV ... I never thought of them as playing my videos a lot ... Well I think it’s hard to distill the whole of human emotions down into simple lines. I’m not sure that going back to correct an old album is a wise move at the time. I once received a letter addressed to ADAM GREEN, U. The fact that such a letter was able to get to his house is nothing short of astonishing, but the person who wrote it was certainly sending it to the right place: to the universe that Adam has constructed for himself, filled with nonsense and love, non-sequiturs and pop culture monoliths inching ever-so-closer to their demolition dates. K.), Soundvenue Magazine (Denmark), the Daily Dot, and many more.

Well Subterranean is that program that shows all of the cool indie-rock videos ... I think you’re right: it’s a lot more complex than we ourselves are able to articulate, and you’re [just] exploring that complexity. Indeed, as far-fetched as it may seem, ADAM GREEN, U. Evan has been a guest on Huff Post Live, Revot TV's "Revolt Live!

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The former Moldy Peaches frontman scored with Juno's "Anyone Else But You", but he's a busy man with a brand new solo album, getting hung up on Johnny Depp, and having French boys thank him for writing "such impersonal music".“I’m certainly an ass man.” Adam Green certainly surprised me with this little revelation, but what I didn’t know at the time was that this was to be expected. Real quickly about that song—even though I’m sure you get asked about it a billion times a day—is it weird for you to suddenly revisit a song you wrote all those many years ago? Well, [Kimya and I] did The View television program ... Well for me, this record, it’s not as directly as laden with the pop-culture imagery of like “Jessica” or “Choke on a Cock” or anything else like that ... I think “Choke on a Cock” is actually a more elegant song than people give credit for: it took me like a month to write the melody! I mean, it’s still an Adam Green record, but those three songs particularly shine thorough as bit more personal than what we’ve seen in the past. I think I’ve been accused before of glorifying romantic dysfunction, but that’s ... I really felt that they were actually important aspects to the record in the sense that they were improvised songs, ya know? But for me, when I hear this disc I think back to a review I read of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in which Jeff Tweedy’s lyrical style was described as not loving words themselves as much as loving the sounds of words.

Green, after all, is one of the quirkiest songwriters of our decade, slowly and gradually furthering the development of “twee-pop” with the Moldy Peaches before staking it out his own as a solo artist, writing delightfully twisted songs questioning Jessica Simpson’s musical passions (“Jessica”) and asking Johnny Depp to call him on the phone (the Bush-bashing “Choke on a Cock”). You know it’s so funny ‘cos the other day I was trying to sing “Choke on a Cock” and I was in Copenhagen; these kids in the front row requested “Chock on a Cock” so we went into it ... Did you ever receive that long-awaited phone call from Johnny Depp? It’s a difficult song with like five different parts. I mean, I think my songs are always tying the tourniquet pretty tight, but I don’t always tie the leather tight, even though I never understood a fascination with leather, per say, like I never quite understood the leather one (laughs) ... (laughs) Well one of the reasons why I brought up the notion of this being a more “personal” record because of three particular songs: “Twee-Dee-Dee”, “It’s a Fine”, and “Homelife”. OK, so I know what you’re saying: you’re saying that the record—and correct me if I’m wrong—is centered on sort of like a dissatisfaction of the future of, like, monogamous relationships or disaffected with my homelike or, whatever is. Well I think in some ways, um, like I think [that] often times to write with conflict, I think I’ve used my girlfriend as a villain in my songs, ya know? Some of the songs on the record were written over, like, a few weeks or a month, and some of the songs were written in like 20 minutes. In many ways, I feel that that could be applied to your work as well.

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