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For servicing suburban commuter lines, electrified on 25 k V, AC, the Railcar Manufacturing Plant of Riga produced ER9, then ER9p electric trainsets in the 1966-1975 period.

Like most Soviet rollingstock, the cars have SA-3 automatic couplers. The bogie frames are of a H-shaped fully welded construction. Bogie frames are supported by 8 cylindrical springs installed in a coat of axle box balancers. Starting with ER9p-126 trainset (1966), the trolleys are supported on axles box through four sets of cylindrical springs, placed in two rows.

Three types of cars were manufactured for these trains, which were motor, trailer, and cab-trailer.

The minimal quantity of cars is four (2 motor & 2 cab-trailer cars).

This edition of Begun by the Glasgow Tramways Act of 1870, what became the Glasgow Tramway two years later was originally operated as a horse-car line by the Glasgow Tramway and Omnibus Company, which was run privately from its incorporation in 1872 until its public takeover in 1894.

Starting with just four kilometres of track, Glasgow's early street rail network was expanded throughout the late 19th century to accommodate the needs of a rapidly growing urban centre, as Glasgow was the industrial heart of 19th-century Scotland.

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