Capricorn man dating sagittarius woman

Both signs have a tendency to be matter-of-fact about sex, or dating arrangements -- friends with benefits, for example.This kind of tryst, for the experience of it, could be in the works.Sagittarius and Capricorn are the ninth and tenth signs in the zodiac calendar respectively.However in terms of personalities, the two signs appear to be worlds apart, making their love compatibility full of challenges.The Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man combination brings together two very different persons, but if they put out the effort they can create a harmonious relationship.Both have very different approach to life, a Sag woman prefer change and excitement in their life, while a Cappy man needs a sense of order and routine in their life to make him feel secure.

Sagittarius is one making wise cracks, and Capricorn is just wise, an old soul and perhaps, a bit serious at first.The only way they can ever remain in a healthy sexual relationship, is if Sagittarius respects the physical, as much as Capricorn loosens up and respects change that comes with their partner’s Jupiter governed Soul.Their meeting point is in the sing opposing Capricorn, where the ruler of Sagittarius is exalted.Capricorns like to get to know you in familiar places, often work or school related.They often have a very polished public persona, and don't like to get too too soon.

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