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Learn more Live ski conditions in Borovets ski resort are currently not available.

Please check out the live webcams on the ski runs here for actual snow cover in Borovets.

The thing is that Bulgaria and the Black Sea have had a very prolonged and fierce territorial dispute.

The predominant belief among Black Sea dolphins is that the fishy smell of the average Bulgarian proves their ichthyo-generic origin and justifies all territorial claims on Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian came to the UK in 2015 to earn money for her children back home and escape her abusive ex-partner Kostadin Kostov.

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We're due to arrive on Sunday and we're not going to cancel but would like to know what we're in for! Please explain logic behind keeping the gondola from working I believe it to be that your saving the snow that is obviously up there for the forthcoming downhill skiing this I find appaling and yet not surprising for borosport any reason to save having to do something I av been here 14 years now and I\'m frankly disgusted at the way borosport treats it\'s paying clientele lift passes that can\'t be fully used queues that are unacceptable and as for the do called contactless yet another thing borosport av failed to try before bringing it into force it\'s a nightmare but as usual you don\'t care you av your money paying customers can just lump it this will not only be my last visit to borovets but Bulgaria all together Last day of our holiday, been here 8 days and only managed to ski for about half of that.

The tragedy of Gergana Prodanova is that in the months before she was murdered she was the happiest she had been in many years.

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