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So often we’re used to the “alpha dog” persona, it’s so sweet to see some acknowledgement that they are considering their peers as their equals.

BELGIAN MEN ARE VERY LOYAL TO THEIR FAMILIES This has probably been the thing that has shocked me the most, and I’m not really sure why.

BELGIAN MEN ARE VERY RESPECTFUL TOWARDS EACH OTHER This is the thing that I noticed that prompted this whole post.

When entering a room (at a party or gathering), men will immediately shake hands with the owner of the home/host of the party AS WELL AS other men in the room.

The German-speaking population lives at the borders with Germany and Luxembourg.

Discoveries of coal in the hills of northern Wallonia led to the early industrialization of the area. Belgium is one of the most urbanized and densely inhabited countries in the world with about 97 percent of the 10 million inhabitants living in cities in 2000.

Each area of Belgium is likely to have its own particularities.

Now, there are a lot of different reasons why I love my boyfriend, and there are quite a few reasons I like and respect all of his friends; so in those two areas I am slightly biased.Around 55 percent of the population lives in Flanders, 35 percent in Wallonia, and 10 percent in Brussels.The nation's cultural diversity has been enriched by international and local immigration.After the 1830 revolution and the establishment of an independent kingdom, Belgium became the official name of the country. The country is located at the western end of the northern European plain, covering an area of 11,780 square miles (30,510 square kilometers); the neighboring states are France, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands.The two main rivers are the Schelde and the Meuse, both of which begin in France and flow toward the Netherlands. Flanders (northern part of the country) is less hilly than Wallonia (southern part).

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