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This, I believe, is the opportunity for us to provide additional information on saw manufacture and dating which (as far as I know) has not been published to this date.

The next issue of a publication that bears a study of mine can add or subtract your responses.

Earliest stone tools, and those in which the stone knapper had least control over how the stone would break, were made by percussion flaking, that is, whacking a stone with something, usually another stone, appropriately called a "hammer stone." Whacking with something slightly softer than stone —such as antler— allowed somewhat greater control in some cases.

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Admit it--you wish your workshops and conferences were livelier.I find that dating the manufacture of a saw is best done by studying a sizable collection of saws produced by a single maker. This information can not be based on hard facts, especially for early saws, because, to my knowledge there are none. "PHILADELPHIA" - a complete spelling and only time I have seen it, is under the HENRY DISSTON arch. The chamfer is still heavy but the stop at the hook is very plain. But another, underutilized means for strengthening them is by carefully integrating structured networking periods into the conference schedule.At Oregon State University we have begun using variations on the "speed dating" model (just another name for structured networking) in a wide variety of settings. Sessions in conferences and workshops, whether keynote addresses, panels, or town hall meetings, share a common characteristic: one person at a time speaks, and everyone else is expected to listen.

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