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[Verse 1 – Gudda Gudda] I’m ’bout that drama, you fucking with a cannon nigga Got a gangsta grill, yellow diamonds when I ramble nigga So don’t cross me, got ammo like Rambo nigga Life’s a gamble you crapped out, you bad gambling nigga Niggas moving fast, gotta pump the brakes on ’em They better pump ’em fast before I beat the brakes off ’em My goons real hungry looking for a big break And you’se a real phony looking like a big steak So get your shit straight, before I grab this big ape Hit you in your left eye, now you can’t see shit straight Ray Charles niggas blind to the fact While you was in ya class, I was grinding getting scratched The knife grind you and you scratched Now you crying like a bitch, you a bird got wings I’mma fly you with the pack uh These little niggas got the nerves These niggas under me I put you under my wing, nigga you’se a son to me [Chorus – Gudda Gudda] Small thing to a giant Small thing to a giant Small thing to a giant Small thing to a giant [Verse 2 – Lil Wayne] Yeah Guess what?

Streets off paper And me, I’m praying for probation Like my ancestors prayed for segregation I’mma predator when I pray, I don’t mean meditation I mean vegetation, fuck the feds and fuck the federation And every agent, man I want an Asian, sex her like a geisha Get up in her stomach like ignatia…

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