Are amy poehler and adam scott dating

Part of the fun of the episode is that the wedding was originally planned for May and at this black tie gala that happened in last week’s episode they decide to do it that night.So they basically have two hours to throw it together.

But there is a wedding in the future: Ben will marry Leslie in Parks season 5, which is currently filming."Oh my god, it's going to be amazing," says Poehler."Is it safe to say there will be a lump in your throat?, kissing Adam Scott, and her favorite kind of waffles.Plus, she drops a major bombshell: She has never read the Harry Potter books! I was a big fan of Adam’s from , and so when the time came, I actually called up his manager, who I knew, and I said, “Can you just slip this to Adam Scott and see if there’s any interest? I was the first cast member attached, and it was a full — boy, what was it, eight, nine months before we started shooting.Scott: It was really fun, because we’re so lovey-dovey on the show all the time — which is great and really fun — to absolutely hating each other’s guts and never resolving that. Zicherman: They have this funny improv moment where — we were doing the scene where they’re fighting in the restaurant, when she kicks him out of the restaurant.

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