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Get Started Artificial Intelligence as a Service provides API access to our bot hosting platform and SDKs, allowing developers to easily integrate conversational interfaces into applications.

Use the Playground or your favorite text editor to build a chatbot (or grab an open-source AIML framework from Github), and then deploy in a matter of minutes using our RESTful APIs.

It really depends on exactly what you’re looking for – a whole new platform for Bot usage, or to simply enhance the apps you’re already using.

In case you’re just catching up on the whole concept of Bots, how they work and how you can use them on your phone then we’ll give you a quick rundown.

Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software – not people – and they'll often have AI features.

Then, integrate your bot into applications using AIaa S.The Pandorabots Playground is a free, integrated development environment for building chatbots loaded with features and tools.Learn the basics of chatbot development in minutes, or hone your skills with our Tutorial.Sign up Free Don’t feel like learning AIML or building your own chatbot? Our team of engineers and AIML experts can build a virtual agent according to your specifications, and can even help integrate avatar or speech capabilities. Our staff can also train your in-house team to build and maintain your chatbot applications.Onsite training may be an option depending on company location and availability.

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