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The cats have a view of the street below and when the window is open, passerbys are often caught off guard as the cats meow at them. This happened very sudden and took us quite by surprise. She was diagnosed with asthma, but failed to respond to any treatment.

And after spending time in an incubator at the emergency vet, they were unable to wean her off of the oxygen.

For me, the best paying cam sites are the ones with the highest traffic. If you work for a cam site that claims to be the best paying one ( all claim that right? One of them is me, waiting countless hours for someone to get in my chat room, all because i was working for a cam site with low traffic. And if someone does it will be for just a few minutes. My experience tells me that the best cam sites are the ones that can get you lots of customers in no time.

Years ago, when i was an inexperienced camgirl, i made many mistakes.

I’ve tried many and the results i’m getting with Chaturbate are the best by far.

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Replay the Day provides the ability to replay the previous day's BC Highway Cam images in a video player format, providing a glimpse of weather and highway conditions leading up to the current image. Wherever possible we are coding the links to the Highway Cams page in a way that causes that page to open in a new window.

A large bird feeder is in front of this window, however, the birds remain uninterested in it.

Camera 2 provides a bird's eye view of the cats from their cat stand in the upstairs office.

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